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Cutting-edge Tools Accessible to Any Lawyer 

Assets stolen by criminals and tortfeasors are no longer beyond the reach of justice.

How Blockserve Works

1. Digital Bad Actors Always Leave a Trail

Contrary to popular belief, crypto is traceable. With the right tools and training, most certified forensic investigators can track and document stolen crypto. If you can identify the tortious or criminal act, we can serve the defendant - even if their true identities are unknown.

2. Serve via NFT

Our proprietary applications use smart contracts to mint soul-bound non-fungible tokens (NFT) and sends them to a service target's blockchain address. The recipient can view this Legal Service of Process (LSOP) token and the image publicly associated it, which includes a link for the target to download service documents.

3. Process Servers on Every Blockchain

We currently offer to serve any blockchain upon request.




We serve defendants via our proprietary applications, minting smart contracts that send soul-bound non-fungible tokens to blockchain addresses. We offer customers a full-service process server experience through our in-house app, as well as options for experienced users to connect their wallets to our decentralized app and manage their own process server needs.

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