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New tech can be intimidating. We're here to help.

Q. What do you need from me to get started?

All we need is the address (a long, unique string of letters and numbers) used by the defendant to receive funds on a particular blockchain. If you provide us the address and service documents, we'll do the rest. 


No technical expertise required. Of course, if you're already comfortable with our technology, you are free to use our self-serve, decentralized application.

Q. What does Blockserve cost?

BlockServe's digital process service typically involves a fixed-price fee.

However, the cost of digital service of process depends on each client's needs. Factors that increase price include:

  • Minting multiple tokens;

  • Serving multiple addresses;

  • Variable gas fees;

  • Assistance in preparing the technical requirements for the application;

  • Additional coding requirements 

Q. What if I just want access to your application so I can use it myself?

For agencies and law firms with greater technical proficiency than a typical lawyer or law firm, we offer bespoke access to our applications and smart contracts. We can build out and deploy platforms unique to each client.

Clients who use our standard minting platform at scale - and without our team's direct involvement -benefit from extremely low costs per token.

Q. Is Blockserve Secure?

From frontend to backend to our website itself, Blockserve uses enterprise grade security and industry-standard security measures throughout its operations, including:

  • data encryption;

  • smart contract verification;

  • multi-factor authentication; 

  • multi-signature technology and more.


While no network, server, or computer is ever 100% immune to attack, BlockServe takes active steps to monitor and respond preemptively to security threats.  

Q. Is Blockserve a Law Firm?

Although our CEO and CTO are licensed attorneys, Blockserve is not a law firm and its agents cannot - and do not - offer legal advice. Blockserve is a technology company that provides applications enabling process servers and lawyers to serve defendants on popular blockchains.

However, Blockserve is always happy to introduce its customers to blockchain and litigation professionals, including:

  • certified forensic cryptocurrency investigators;

  • crypto fraud attorneys;

  • expert witnesses; 

  • process servers;

  • blockchain educators; and 

  • blockchain adoption consultants.

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