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Dominate Your Local Jurisdiction

Blockserve's applications help attorneys, corporations, and governments embrace blockchain technology in a way that benefits clients and the public interest, including in cases and investigations involving: 

  • asset forfeiture;

  • crypto transaction tracking;

  • forensic tracing of tokenized assets;

  • in rem actions;

  • internet scam fraud recovery;

  • marital dissolution and asset distribution;

  • monitoring KYC/AML compliance;

  • probate litigation;

  • tax evasion litigation; and

  • verification of intellectual property rights.

Did You Know?

American Consumers Lose BILLIONS Every Year to Crypto Scammers?

Build a Skill Set

Become one of the first lawyers in your jurisdiction to file and try crypto cases. Scarcity of skill correlates directly to value.

Boost Your Revenue

If you can serve a defendant on the blockchain, you can ask the court to freeze the stolen assets or seek an default judgment for enhanced damages. 

Reduce Case Costs

Our fees are built into our smart contracts, so there are no hidden fees. Requires app use.

Pioneer Access to Justice

Being an early adopter has its benefits, including pioneering a path for residents of your state to seek justice in ways they thought were never possible.

Get New Clients

Expand your practice by taking on crypto cases the moment you sign up with Blockserve.

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User Interface


Lawsuit Filed

Standing on the shoulders of pioneering blockchain litigators, you present to the court your motion to permit alternative service via a Service Token on the blockchain used by the defendants to steal crypto from your client.


Connect Your Wallet

With court order in hand, you either send your service documents to Blockserve's digital process team 

- or - 

you open your browser and connect your favorite crypto wallet (e.g. MetaMask or Trust Wallet) to Blockserve's forthcoming decentralized application.


A Few Clicks to Finalize

  • Upload your service documents

  • Copy and paste the target address

  • Give your Service Token a name

  • Approve transaction fees

  • Follow generative prompts

  • Mint your token

  • Download or print your pre-filled Affidavit of Service, ready for notarization and court-filing.

Our Tech in Action

jrc sq hs.jpg

Joe Casey, Blockserve Founder

I practice law full time. Before launching Blockserve, I used the same technology to start a federal crypto fraud recovery practice.  It gave my clients a real shot at justice and opened doors for my firm.
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